BJs Dog Grooming
  • Grooming  
          A clean, attractive, healthy pet is a happy pet. Let me pamper your pet with a thorough brushing, pet-a-cure, ear cleaning, massaging shampoo, blow dry, clipping and styling to compliment your pet's appearance.   I'll even add finishing touches like bows, and canine cologne per your request. 
         Grooming charges vary according to breed and difficulty of grooming. 
    Please call me for specific rates for your pet.
  • Bath & Nail
    I also provide bathing and nail trims in between grooming appointments. 
        This is great for those full coated pets as it  helps keep them matt free in-between grooms and looking their best.   Great, as well, for your little or large pet that loves to play outside and bring the wonderful outdoors inside with him. 

        Baths includes a thorough brushing (if matted will cost extra), nail trim, ear cleaning, cologne, and bows. 
       "Bath & Nail"  charges vary according to breed and frequency of visit.
  • Frequent Grooming 
         Frequent grooming includes a thorough brushing, pet-a-cure, ear cleaning, massaging shampoo, blow dry, clipping and styling. The same service as the regular grooming.   Frequent grooming schedules can be set up to match you and your dogs needs.   Some common intervals for frequent grooming are: 
    ~Weekly ~2 weeks ~ 4 weeks ( 1 month)

  • Frequent Grooming and "Bath & Nail" schedules  arranged at discount prices.  Please call for more info. 
  • Grooming by  appointment only 
  • Mon - Fri.  10:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. 
  • Saturday appointments can be  arranged several weeks in advance. 
    Sorry, I do not groom on Sundays